Come to see my baby DIORs !

  1. Here are my Dior purse collections :biggrin:
    Guess which is the one I just got 2 week ago ??
    photo 2 (2).JPG photo 4 (1).JPG photo 3.JPG photo 1 (1).JPG
  2. beautiful collection
  3. The Lady? She is gorgeous!! All of them are!!
  4. The small diorissimo is the new one :smile: but I m wearing it everyday now
  5. These are all gorgeous! Love your collection. I recently learned that that Diorissimo is a limited edition in Dior house colors of gray and light pink (not sure of the color names though). So pretty!

    How do you find the Diorling? Is it heavy?
  6. It is not really a heavy purse even I got the large one. However the chains are hard on shoulder :sad: I love it anyway since it is so elegant and also some whAt professional. I do carry it to work sometimes. A Very organized purse.
  7. Yes. My little Diorrissimo is limited addition which cost 400 cad more and no exchange. worth it :biggrin:
  8. You have a beautiful collection! Congrats!

  9. Thanks for the info. Is it in silver hw? I saw black with gold one at the store recently. How much weight or what items do you normally put inside? I'm trying to figure out if the discomfort from the chain is because of the weight or if the chain is inherently uncomfortable due to its design.
  10. the Diorling comes with golden hardware .( compare it with the diorrismo which comes in silver hardware and those two pictures are used the same light adjustment. :smile: )
    The nature of the chain make it hard on shoulder no matter what. there is no other way to carry this purse other than on shoulder though :s and it is definitely not a good idea to wear it with bear shoulders. .What I usually have in there are a wallet ,keys, some folded documents( no more than 10 pages), a cards holder etc . ALL small stuffs but i guess they do add on some weight . great with blazers
  11. You have a beautiful Dior collection!!!
  12. Love all the pieces! Congrats!

    And, do you find the straps eating to your shoulder? I have been wondering since I saw the miss Dior and Dior pouchette in stores
  13. All stunning bags!
  14. Nice!!!!
  15. Lovely collection! Love everything. Thanks for the advice about the chain I've been debating one of the WOCs.