Come to see..Come Come :)

  1. It's so cute! Don't think it is a fake. It's authentic ! :nuts:
  2. *sigh*:love:
  3. That's so adorable :heart::love::heart:
  4. omg i have been dying for one of those!
  5. *whimper*
  6. I have one. It is smaller than it appears.
  7. Of course no one think it's fake..sadly only sold in Champ Elysees
  8. So cute! My daughter collects snow globes. That would be perfect in her collection!

  9. :yes:
  10. OMG! I would love one of is so cute!
  11. I was offered one of those by a friend who got it in Paris, I thought no I would rather buy a bag LOL but it is gorgeous!
  12. Congratulations! adoreable:love:
  13. That is so cute!
  14. Very nice
  15. I have one, too and it is very small. I still love it.