Come to look what a happy surprise the postman carried to me ^_^

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  1. It is Saturday, and I am staying at home alone being tortured by my allergy (the oak pollen got everybody), when the USPS guy hand me this package, I'm feeling healed instantly when I seen this beauty~~~
    A Smoooshy goooooorgy BG GSH Hobo:wlae:(Thanks Erika!)
    when my DH came back home I was just singing and busy trying my new baby with all my outfit, he said" Aren't you feeling so bad and staying in bed? What happened?" Man just can not understand the joy of getting a perfect bag!
    I'll have to leave for a while, will come back with loads of pics!
  2. CONGRATS!!! Yeah my allergies has been bothering me too. I wish I can be in bed but I am working OT well not right now ;). If I was sick and stuck in bed I don't need soup or meds to get me better just give me a bbag!!
  3. congrats, what a lovely way to start a Saturday! Post pics asap;)

  4. Congrats - your bag sounds amazing!!!

    Will be waiting for pics! :popcorn:
  5. Can't wait to see pictures!! ;)
  6. yaaay i love hobos! can't wait for pix!
  7. What a great way to feel better!! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. congrats, can't wait to see the pictures:smile:
  9. What a great pic me up. Hope you feel better.
  10. A new bag is always a great healer, I'll say ... hurry back! Looking forward to your pics!
  11. I'm sorry it took me some time, thanks for waiting, here are the pics~~~
  12. Very strange I can not attach pics. I'll wait to try it again
  13. My camera is not good enough, but here's a pic of my new BG Hobo and some group photo.

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  14. And then some mod pics

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  15. And some more~~ forgive my crazy hair, I just got up from bed. The magic place of bbag is it spicy up any outfit without effort. And I found Hobo is so very versatile, it goes well with anything from casual T-shirt to feminine dress. You should try this style Pfer sisters!

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