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Official Kooba!
Mar 13, 2009
Hello Kooba fans!

We know that you've been waiting to talk to us directly - well, we've heard you and are excited to get the conversation started!

"Ask Kooba" from Kooba Corporate will be checking into Purse Forum monthly to answer your questions and comments regarding Kooba products past, present and future.

Our first posting will be Friday, April 3rd, so please use this thread to post anything that's on your mind. We will try to answer your questions the best we can!

Looking forward to hearing from you!



The King of Pop
Jun 20, 2008
Hello Ask Kooba,

This is a great feature! I love your older styles like the Jillian, Annie, Ginger and Brynne. Any chance they will be released again? Vintage Koobas are very popular on E-bay.



Jan 6, 2006
5 have an open line to Kooba is a BIG BIG deal. Truthfully you lost alot of us due to lack of custumer service or gap in consumer relations.

I have bought multitudes of Koobas in the past. What would bring us all back is if you re-introduced those old leathers. Thick, chewy, distressed leathers that reeked of quality. Your new bags past 2006 season took on thinner cheaper quality and it hurt your customer base in the purse forum severly. Sorry for being so honest.

The Brynne, Siennas, Paiges, Jillians, Maria, and Carlas had To Die For leather. It's hard to watch prices rise and quality decrease so we defected. Can we look forward to seeing some nice leathers come back. It was very distressing to see each new season of bags come out with the same bag designs showing cheaper leather; The Natashas and Elishas as an example.

You bring back the leather love and maybe the 75 or so Koobas I bought and sold won't be in vain. I would come back in a second.


Hardware Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
I am SO excited to see this! I'm stilling reeling (pleasantly) from my very positive CS experience with the wonderful Ada at Kooba and now this!

To be frank ...we've lamented for years now that Kooba seemed to be so distant while other designers/brands were so accessible and concerned about their customers.

A wonderful move, Kooba. Welcome to the forum - we're so glad to have you! :balloon:


Apr 8, 2007
Oh, this is wonderful! I was a huge Kooba fan as well, but drifted away when the quality of the leather went downhill. I'm with Lexie on that one. Bring back those luscious leathers that you couldn't help but caress!
Jul 21, 2006
Wow! I can't believe it! Yay! I would love to have my two cents heard about what is happening with Kooba. I have always been a loyal fan, and I own two older Koobas myself....the Sienna and the Jessie. I would love to see the ultra suede lining come back and the fabulous leather that graced the bags of four or five years ago. Thanks!!!!!!!!


Mar 3, 2009
How exciting! I think that Kooba is really taking steps to regain their fans, with the positive experience that KoobaMe had with their CS and now reaching out to those of us at the Purse Forum. I second everyone, I LOVE the old style Koobas but have to resort to ebay, which can be sketchy, in order to find them. I am wondering - why did you all change the type of leather that you used and is it possible to make at least some styles in the old type? Thank you!


Hopelessly Obsessed
Nov 12, 2006
I agree with all said above. If you can return to the 'old' way of making Koobas, I for one will be back 100%!! I MISS the excitement of the new season reveals, knowing the styles will be wowza and the colors/leathers will be top notch.

OMG I've owned so many Koobas and now I have only 2 left...:nuts:

I shall abandon other brands that I've been cheating on Kooba with and return with all my heart and my loyalty. :lol: