Come Take A Look at My New Beauty - BE

  1. She's finally here, and I think I am gonna try to post the pics!
    purse and angel purse.jpg resized purse 5.jpg resized purse 3.jpg resized purse 2.jpg resized purse 4.jpg
  2. Very pretty, congrats!
  3. Nice color! I love the great colors of the BE bags!
  4. Very beautiful. I am jealous.
  5. It's gorgeous!! Congrats :smile:
  6. So sumptuous! And you look killer, girl!
  7. Aaaahh! They are so teeny! I want to enlarge them an examine every last detail. lol. So, is this the medium? What do you think of the size?
  8. Great bag :tup:
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. so which size is this bag?
    i can't really tell with the pictures! help!

    Lovely colour tho!
  11. So beautiful, enjoy!!
  12. seriously! i want to see big pics:crybaby:
  13. Me too! I'm on the fence with the stroke me and I want to see your bag up close. It's a beauty from what I can see so far! :smile:
  14. i'm green with envy! great buy! congrats.
  15. congrats! it looks soooo gorgeous!!