Come take a look at my loot!

  1. Here's what's in my collection :love: . Hope to add more soon...
    Birkin.JPG Celine.JPG Gucci.JPG Prada.JPG travel with LV.JPG
  2. HOT collection!!! :drool:
  3. Here's the rest :nuts: :

    American handbags are MJ Stella and Lambertson Truex calf hair clutch.

    Italians are Valentino Garavani rose petals print tote, Hogan flight bag, Pucci north-south tote, Miu Miu green suede hobo, and Tod's medium city bag.

    PS...I just noticed my Prada black nylon hobo is missing from the Prada group pic. It's in the shop for repairs(again :cursing: ), boo!
    The Americans.JPG The Italians.JPG
  4. What a gorgeous collection!
  5. I love the white MJ and the LV hard-bodied case. Very nice.
  6. Nice, nice collection!
  7. Very nice collection! The Birkin is beautiful! :biggrin:
  8. Excellent, thanks for sharing.
  9. Oh! I forgot to add these lovely Longchamp to the treasure trove :push: ...
  10. Beautiful Collection!
  11. WOW...the color of that birkin is TDF:nuts: . Lovely LV's too!
  12. Love your Alize! Hot hot HOT!
  13. I never cared for Birkins until I saw your luscious pink one!!:love:
  14. You have an amazing collection! Congrats!
  15. I LOVE THAT BIRKIN! The color is TDF! Awesome collection.