Come take a glass and join the waiting lounge!

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  1. I figured we need a waiting lounge thread for non-Bal purchases too since Bal gals love to shop other stuff as well:graucho:
  2. I'll start. I'm waiting for a Burberry Prorsum coat from the outnet, hope it fits!

    I'm also waiting for a Mac by Marc Jacobs jacket, a D&G bracelet and a pair of CLs (black 100 Simple Pumps).

    Here is a sneak peak of the Burberry coat:


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  3. Great thread! I'm waiting on two "it" bag whose popularity has come and gone: YSL muse and Chloe paddington.

    I didn't let myself buy them when they were all the rage, because I was afraid I would fall out of love with them as quickly as trends come and go. But here I am, years later, still thinking these bags are cute. So I bit the bullet and ordered both this weekend! :smile:
  4. Burberry Prorsum coat also!

    I like yours purses & pugs!

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  5. I've been waiting forever for my Oliver Goldsmith Audrey sunglasses to arrive but it's still out of stock. :sad:

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  6. I waited quite a while too before getting my YSL Muse! :smile:
  7. I'll have a glass.
    Waiting for an Alexander Mcqueen scarf.
  8. justpeachy4397, you'll probably love these bags to pieces since you have been thinking of them for so many years!

    Livia, I knew it:graucho: Can't wait to see.

    mere girl, thanks, looking forward to see both yours and mine:smile:

    Margaritas, lovely sunnies, very Nicole Richie.
  9. Yayyyy I love this thread!!!

    Waiting for a dove grey AW rocco from a lovely TPFer!!!! Can't wait!!! :jrs:
  10. I saw a black one in the men's section at Harvey Nics and I was seriously tempted!!!

  11. As a Chloe paddington owner I have to say that I still love mine after years of owning one. I have fallen out of love with a lot of the more trendy bags i have purchased in the last 5+ years. I don't use my paddington as much as my Bals but it's equally as versatile (from work to play) and fits nicely over the shoulder.

    The YSL muse is also a fantastic bag . . . very classic looking and great for every day.

    I'm reallllllllllllllly wanting a Givenchy Nightingale. They're soooo hot!!!

  12. :graucho::smile: hope you'll get it soon!
  13. It's actually not one of the classic skull scarfs. This one has a leopard print and subtle skulls. I doubt anyone will even notice the skulls and that's just the way I want it. I can't wait to receive it (from Harvey Nichols in fact ;)).
  14. OOoooh leopard!! Can't wait to see!

  15. ooh I love these!