come shopping with me in Tokyo!

  1. Any Tokyo TPF'ers want to meet up with me for a little H browsing when I'm in town at the end of July? (Although I doubt there will be any acutal purchasing on my part, since I keep hearing how high the prices are there :wtf:) I'm coming the week of July 29th and DH will be at work during the day, so I think I'm free the whole week :yes:. I'd love to check out some resale shops, too...
  2. Abby you are turning into a hermes addict !! I am sooo proud !! Btw how's the iphone treating u??
  3. It's good and there are definitely some amazing things about it, but I have to say that sometimes I miss my Blackberry :wtf:

    So now that I'm officially an addict, when are we going bracelet shopping :p?
  4. Wish I can join you abbyroad. But I don't go back till November. Was just there a few months ago...

    Good luck! Make sure you check out Shibuya, Ginza and Nishi Azabu areas for resale stores where you can drool over their display...
  5. I do live in Tokyo, but I have to check with DH as to when we are leaving for our summer vacation. PM me and let me know your dates.

    BTW, tokyo is actually not as expensive as you think. The yen is cheap these days and lots of H items such as discontinued cadenas are selling at 1/2 to 2/3 of eBay sites.

    Do save some $$$ and shop you heart out.:yes:
  6. Whenever you come back from Tokyo!!! we will go shopping!!
  7. Tokyo's really not that much more expensive, especially since you get tax back at Hermes if you go in on a foreign passport. :tup:
  8. Thanks, cookies - that's great news!
  9. you're welcome. BTW, last time I was at the Mitsukoshi Store in Nihonbashi, where they have a Hermes boutique... they had three kellys and two birkins -- you might try calling them.
    Good Luck!
  10. Thanks, cookies. I'll try to make it there to have a look. I don't really have any plans to for a big purchase while I'm there but I'd like to see what they have anyway...