Come Share your September 2013 Purchases!!

  1. That color is TDF!!! Congrats!!
  2. Congrats!! :loveeyes:
  3. They are all beautiful, congrats!!
  4. :p:biggrin::smile:
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    xxx off topic and please search. A LOT of people ask about where to sell high end items.
  6. these colours r super!! :loveeyes:
  7. Beautiful, I love the red flap. Can I have the code for it?
  8. Omg! They still have this color for fall? I would love this color. Is there more bright color available at the store? If so, can I have the SA number? Thanks
  9. Yea it was at Rue cambon paris last week . There were more of this color in stock.
    This was the brightest color they had. They have many many other Wocs right now.
    The Vat desk SA inside Chanel took my tag off the bag and stapled it to some paper. I could only see that it said 13s or 13b? the color was listed as blue.

    The SA was male but I can't remember his name. They are all very nice but I don't think they ship out.
  10. Oh wow, what a gorgeous combination. That red is amazing!! One of the bags on my relatively small, wish list is a red caviar classic flap. Finding that perfect shade of red will be the tricky part... Your bag looks to have just enough of the cool undertone without looking flat, if you know what I mean. Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. Love these two classic colors together! Too bad you can only wear one at a time! Beautiful bags.
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380235098.874293.jpg

    My white 38 mm j12 with diamond markers! 😍

    Thanks for letting me share!
  13. very nice.
  14. Thanks ladies. I was going to get black like I always do but since it's small enough I went with something different.
    I will get the black eventually anyway lol :graucho:
  15. Small black boy and Navy blue Camellia clutch! :biggrin:
    20130927_125340.jpg 20130927_125642.jpg 20130927_165110.jpg