Come Share your September 2013 Purchases!!

  1. Wowww !! love them, any more available ?:loveeyes:
  2. Picked up a key pouch in a nice bright color. I was surprised this was still available. The color goes great with my green Laduree keychain.
  3. love that neon color :nuts: congrats!
  4. Love your key chain.....can these be purchased any where here in the US?
  5. Thank you :smile:

    There should be some more. Another lady was asking about it when my SA was ringing me up. HTH! :smile:
  6. Thanks! Are you referring to the key pouch or the laduree key chain? I got the laduree key chain at the NYC store. My SA was able to locate the Chanel key pouch from another store.
  7. Thanks!
  8. beautiful!
  9. So pretty! Can u fit in an iPhone 5 in it? If so, any room left? I like to keep my phone with my key so that I don't forget any of them. TIA!
  10. Nice, is this a medium ? May I ask for its price ? Thanks.

  11. Hi, is this a new model ? Can I ask for the dimension and price ? Single strip ? Thank you.

  12. LOVE the neon yellow!! :woot::woot: I've been looking for this yellow in Long Yen Wallet. Still, no luck... :pout::pout:
  13. Thanks! You got lovely buys too! I love the ballerina flats so much!
  14. Congrats! I am forever looking for this bag. Hopefully if someone returns at Saks, they'd alert me (wishful thinking)
  15. Many thanks.

    May I know how much it is in TBH?