Come Share your September 2013 Purchases!!

  1. Hi may I know when and where you got this square Mini flap bag...?
  2. In love with this new color!
  3. It has been over a year since my last Chanel purchase. Here are a CC Graffiti long necklace in gold/pearly white/black and a pair of stub earrings from the same collection.

  4. Classic earrings and ballerina flats.
  5. Beautiful collection!
  6. Congrats! The mini looks great on you.
  7. A quick trip to the Bay Area brought me to the SF Boutique on foot! Couldn't resist getting me something tiny as a souvenir 😊

    My first CJ purchase
  8. Thanks so much! They are definitely gorgeous!
  9. I just bought it lastweek at Bangkok, Thailand International Airport.
    Hope this help :smile:
  10. I think these must be the most beautiful CJ earrings from Chanel that I've seen yet. Such an elegant and playful look! Lovely choice.
  11. Newww :smile:
    Earrings bought at London old bond street boutique. Necklace from the boutique in Berlin kuhdamm :smile:
    The necklace can be worn long or short and the pearls can be moved around. Both items are seasonal.
    I also got this ring from swarovski to wear with the jewelery and my black jumbo ghw. Excited!!!
    Hope you guys like it. ;)
  12. Earrings
  13. Necklace.
    Sorry only one picture uploaded at a time ...
  14. Necklace
  15. I used to see all your beautiful Chanel bags you posted but you've been gone a while from tpf, right? Really liking the jewelry purchases you made-especially this ultra cool necklace! Such an edgy feel :cool: