Come share your September 2012 purchases!

  1. I've been looking for these earrings in Canada! May I ask where you got them, and if there is a SA that I could contact? Thanks!
  2. I got mine in the states. Do u live in the east or west coast? Maybe I can ask if my SA can ship them to u...?
  3. My SA said shipping to Canada will cost $75. Do u want it?
  4. Beautiful! May I ask how much it is now?
  5. It is $1900 right now. My SA told me it was $775 when it came out like 5 years ago...these price hikes are crazy!
  6. Does anyone know about how much this Chanel pouch sells for? Looking for a pouch that can hold my iphone and some credit cards and this looks perfect. Thanks much!
    chanel pouch 2.jpg
  7. I saw a similar pair at the Bloor Boutique in Toronto. New stock came in last Thursday not sure if it's still there but u could give them a call?
  8. The small version is 450$ not sure about bigger. My SA said they won't have any till December.
  9. Hi, is the GST 12A too? Its odd that it has different texture - more matte and seems like a reg caviar.
  10. Hi 510
  11. Thank you! Now onto the hard part...finding it at the store! :smile:
  12. I returned my jumbo caviar & jumped to lambskin :smile:. My first Chanel (2nd time around!)
    image-3163181941.jpg image-2460259099.jpg
  13. So juicy looking with those perfect quilts!!! :smile:
  14. Broke my ban for this little beauty....Classic Clutch with Chain in Lilac but I would say its more blue in colour.


  15. so lucky that you can wear these!!! i just got another style that fit my face more.... i'm so in love with this pair though but i guess i have to stick with my ray ban for this style....