Come share your September 2012 purchases!

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    necklace 7.jpg
  2. My 12A Red Kisslock Clutch & Camellia Shades!
    Kisslock Clutch & Camellia Shades.jpg
  3. Congrats! Love your kisslock and I have one too! By the way, in case you did not know, the 12a red comes in a matching ballet flat. I bought it and love it! Goes great with the kisslock. Just FYI in case you might be interested as the red is seasonal.
  4. Thx jacc :smile:
  5. My 12A Khaki or taupe caviar jumbo! The color is not as greenish as in the picture. Do you think it's similar to 10 taupe?

  6. I dont know whether this is is similar to a previous taupe shade from 2010 but your new jumbo is something that you can carry anywhere during the day at any season! It is so versatile, I like it a lot!!! :biggrin:
  7. Here is my mew Lady Pearly flap bag that I love very much. I know that some other tPFers have some reservations about the suedish appearance of the caviar. However it is my impression that the caviar in this particular model (or series) is a "new generation", has some sheen to it and feels gorgeous to the touch. The bag is so effortless to grab in the morning and go... It can be worn single or double strap.:love:

    The second pic is the combo with my smoking slippers that I bought in August.
    LadyPearly.JPG Lady Pearly&Slippers.JPG
  8. Thanks for your comment! Can't wait to take her out :smile:
  9. Nice! Is this a new model? Any close up pic? :smile: may I ask how much did u get it for?
  10. I got the small one in purple very nice color!! I like this one too it's very spacious!!! Congrats on ur purchase and enjoy!
  11. can you please provide modeling pics? :smile:
  12. I just bought this bag the other day and waiting to arrive. I do love this lady pearly a lot too. I think is so versatile. Congrats and we are bag twin.

  13. Hi,

    Yeah I know there is a matching ballet flat but I cannot convince myself (yet) to spend so much on shoes. Thanks anyway! :smile:
  14. Love the red clutch..congrats.