Come share your October 2012 purchases!

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  1. It's Oktoberfest!!! :drinkup:
    Let's celebrate by sharing our Chanel purchases too! :dothewave:
  2. earrings 21.jpg ring 9b.jpg
  3. It's still September though :idea:
  4. Lol I already thought I was going crazy :roflmfao:
  5. Am guessing she is located in a country where it is already Oct.
  6. Yes it is already, Oct in other countries. Can't believe it.....
  7. Its almost my birthday in Asia pacific love all your jewerly
  8. Why, yes!!! My time zone enters Oct earlier! Hehe
  9. My Oct purchase! My friend bought them for me at Heathrow Airport, felt so sorry for making her carried such big paper bag walked around in 3 different airports, Heathrow, Dubai & Kuala Lumpur International Airport haha
    image-3138486936.jpg image-4153964414.jpg image-2232825813.jpg image-2171750955.jpg
  10. Wow you guys are quick :P haha but gorgeous purchases!
  11. Happy bd to u in advance.
  12. Nice bag. Wats in e 2 smaller boxes?
  13. The first pair is mine, £155. I didn't know the double C are so big, as the third pic captured at the boutique, I didn't consider much & asked my friend to get that pair for me. Now I'm quite regret.

    Only have the second pair pic taken at boutique as I don't want to unbox it, it's gift for my sister XD
    image-2160472208.jpg image-3734145870.jpg image-1234506216.jpg image-2834572486.jpg
  14. Gorgeous bag, congrats! :smile: