Come share your October 2010 purchases!!!!!

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  1. It's 12am here at Chicago, I can't believe it's October already! Ladies, please share the wonderful goodies you purchase during this 10/10 month. My 21st birthday was last week so I'm waiting for *something* to come in the next few days, yipieeee :yahoo:
  2. cant wait to see your reveal!!
    happy belated 21st bdaay!!!!!
  3. thank you! been working part time for few years now and it will be my 2nd Chanel :nuts:
  4. I have 2 babies coming within the next few weeks cant wait to reveal those! yayay
  5. I almost posted in the sept thread. time flies! OCTOBER alr...

    Wow... I have the honour of doing the 1st reveal for October purchases! Thanks!

    Here's mine:



    This is a "Singapore Exclusive" piece. Red Lambskin Medium Flap with Matte Gold hardware with Charms.
  6. ^ That is the best charm flap I have ever seen! :woohoo:
    In :heart::heart: with all the charms and the color is TDF!!!
  7. so prettttyyyy, major congrats!
  8. :yahoo:Brand new classic lambskin classic with gold hardware. I had to hunt it down - as would you believe it - although a permanent line the boutiques in London were currently out of stock. It will be my WINTER BAG!:yahoo: It was £1920.00 which I think is pretty much what a good 'vintage' costs, so why not buy from the boutique? The lovely sales assistant spent ages explaining how to to look after it, store it and wear it with panache. thank you!

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  9. ^^totally gorgeous!
  10. GOOOOORGEOUS! Congrats!
  11. It's beautiful - congrats!
  12. Thanks Israeli_Flava, diera23, sarafina77!

    Ladysarah: nice lamb classic! congrats!
  13. Beautiful Color!:smile:
  14. Love these Singapore exclusive bags!! Congrats
  15. WOW! Its already October! I bought a pair of wedges today.. let me take pics...