Come Share your November 2013 Purchases!!

  1. Oh yes dear, it's definitely heavier than regular boy but its manageable! Bring him out today for 1st time 😊. Stuffed it full, and it look amazing!
  2. I think my next bag needs to be this medium classic flap (except I want it in red).

  3. beautiful!! Love the photography!!!
  4. Pretty!! This blue electric color is so cool!
  5. This color is pretty!
  6. My new navy blue mini and beige medium classic flap. So happy to add these two to my family. It's been a good Monday!! :biggrin:

    (Thank you Chanel316 for helping me find this mini!)
  7. Beautiful. Is the beige flap with silver or gold hardware? Thank you.
  8. what lovely classic flaps
    congrats on your beautiful purchases
  9. what a beautiful classic flap
    in great size too, not to big, not to small
    she's really pretty
  10. It's silver. I'm a shw type of girl. :smile:
  11. Gorgeous duo of classic flap bags; what a fabulous Monday. Congrats on two lovely bags.
  12. I would say a perfect Monday, the two flaps are stunning. Congrats!
  13. My first Chanel, Gst in shw...;)
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    New wallet which I got from HK