Come share your July 2012 purchases!

  1. aahhh... soooo pretty... i almost bought this bag too but sooo pricey...
  2. Beautiful purchases everyoneee:smile:
  3. I love your WOC, perfect for running errands, where did you buy it if u don't mind me asking?
  4. Beautiful bag!
  5. Here's mine :smile:
  6. This bag is glowing literally...:smile:
  7. Love this congrats :biggrin:
  8. i love this chanel boy the most ^^..beautiful^^..
  9. Love the color of this GST! Is it a dark beige / brown color? ... : )
  10. my WOC i got! Im sooo happy!
  11. Nice. Did u get it from the boutique? My SA says they won't have WOC in black caviar at least for a while....
  12. Beautiful color!!! Is that Clutch with chain? what season is this? Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  13. I got it from the San Francisco boutique store. I was on the waiting list for about a month and they finally got one in. I thought I heard that this combo was a hard find so I knew I had to jump on it. Everyone needs a woc in their collection right??