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  1. you wont... I'm kinda biased towards ghw... both my chanel babies have ghw. I rejected my models in shw umpteen times! I would have gotten my bags much earlier and easier if I had been less picky about the hw.
  2. Thank you Jacc - it was £2975, its the usual caviar, I did see the suedey one and preferred this :smile:
  3. I love this! Mind sharing the code and collection name? TIA!!

  4. 12A Ballerina flats shoes:smile:

    IMG_2204 (640x480).jpg
  5. LOVE!! May I ask where you got these and how much they were?
  6. Yippie! Got it changed to GHW and loving it :smile:

  7. Beautiful earrings! Could u post the code as well? Thanks!!!
  8. The quote will be A61354 Y02343 Z2047
  9. I absolutely lovvve the beige clutch! May I ask how much it is going for?
  10. Love it all!! Thanks for this mod shot-was wondering how large or small these were.
  11. Wow! What a good month you are having! Congrats:smile:
  12. Thanks, they don't have the pearly beige in the stores anymore. I'm pretty sure they sold out in pre-orders. I got it from eBay who ended up being a member on here :smile:
  13. really love this one!
  14. hi there, is this a m/l? if you would you happen to know the serial code number?
  15. beautiful!how much u pay for?
    im EYEING on this pair :loveeyes::loveeyes: