Come share your February/March 2008 Purchases!

  1. I think MarieG did this in Nov/Dec... I want to see everyone's new purchases in one place ;) (greedy, I know lol)

    Start sharing! (love pics if you have them)
  2. [​IMG]

    '06 Cornflower work (again, never mind the button) :heart:
  3. 2001 Flat-brass classique! (aka my Holy Grail :yahoo:)

  4. Oo! I like the pin. And the bag ;)
  5. February is an unusually busy month for me! I've never gotten more than 1 bag before in a month.

    06 Truffle Purse


    05 Teal Twiggy

  6. That bag is sooo pretty :drool:. (pin is cool:tup:)
  7. More, more!

    I'll post as soon as I get home.
  8. [​IMG]

    Wow, south-of-france!! I now have a new appreciation for cornflower!! That color is gorgeous, and the leather - ummmm :drool:!!!
  9. I finally bought my 1st First bag in caramel '05!!! :love::love::love: She's super cute.:tender: Also got a caramel '05 compagnon which I adore as well!!!:heart:

  10. I purchased a beautiful sapin coin purse in the market place. I'm soooo excited my first coin purse! I'll post photos when it arrives! :heart:
  11. ohhhhh love the cornflower!
    and the flat brass! and the caramel! hahaha
    can you tell, i love them all? =)

    btw, off topic, but does anyone know how long on average it takes to get approved for the marketplace?
  12. starletta8

    Just WOW! My eyes went :wtf: when I saw that beauuutiful TRUFFLE purse! Love the teal too :heart:
  13. My first balenciaga, barely a week old. Vert foret

  14. starletta, I love your teal twiggy! :love:
  15. My seafoam first!