Come Share Your February 2010 Purchases With Us!!

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  1. Wow...I am the first one.........

    although...............still waiting for my pieces to be arrived :P
  2. wait...I have one little thing here in Jan :smile:))))))))

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  3. Congrats!
  4. Me too. I went to Chanel today and ordered my Classic Double Flap with gold hardware - they had the silver but I wanted the gold.

    The SA referred to it as "calfskin" and it was distressed. I wanted that rather than the lambskin because I am so hard on my bags.

    Is the calfskin the "caviar"?

    I'm so excited, hopefully it will be here next week and I'll post the pictures then. I can't wait!
  5. I have a Black w/GH Lambskin Maxi, Biege w/SH Caviar Jumbo, and Black w/ SH Lambskin Large (Medium) coming in the mail any day now. I bought these on Saturday right before the price increase. I haven't even seen them yet. I figure if I dont like it I can always return it, but at least I lock in the price... Now which one or ones do I keep or should I get maxi w/ SH or large with GH or Beige wi/GH? Gosh...I am soooo confused!
  6. Black Caviar Maxi! I ordered it last week but it finally came today at 6am! It's my first Chanel, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Special thanks to TPFer Jainstein for all of her help in finding this gorgeous bag, before the increase!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to upload pics!
  7. Enjoy !

    By the way, one is not enough as far as Chanel purses. So, get ready for the next .... I meant the next not one or two... :P
  8. My 1 week old baby (so actually from the Jan purchase :P) Got it right before the price increase!! I just feel so excited everytime I see her :cloud9:

    Light beige caviar jumbo with gold h/w


    Here she is so pretty with my CL nude pump:love:

  9. Technically a Jan purchase since it was delivered on Saturday, but I was only able to take some photos today. Here's my Beige Light M/L caviar flap with G/H! :yahoo: I have to say, after getting my jumbo last fall, seeing the M/L size was a bit of a shock. I debated exchanging for a jumbo but I think I'm gonna keep it since my intention was not to get an 'every day' bag.

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  10. ^^^ Congrats!! We are bag twin!!
  11. I can't believe it is February already- great purchases so far ladies- can't wait to see what this month brings me (hopefully something)
  12. Love these- where did you get them? Can you post modeling pics? These look like great everyday sunglasses:biggrin:
  13. Congrats to you too! How funny we posted at the same time. :P
  14. :nuts: there's already handful of purchases in the 1st day of Feb! Congrats ladies..beautiful purchases.

    The beige w GHW is gorgeous, thavasa :biggrin:
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