Come Share Your February 2010 Purchases With Us!

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  1. Hoooly... it IS february already! :faint:

    Can't wait to see everyone's goodies :biggrin:
  2. ..wanna see..i hope to get a new baby next month!!
  3. Nothing exiting, but I have a preloved Sologne on the way. I love crossbody bags.
  4. Hopefully I'll get my Mono Petit Noe by the end of this month....
    Can't wait to see what the others bought......
  5. Can't wait to see everyones purchases, I dont think i'll be getting anything this month though :sad:
  6. My newest baby - Suhali Le Maj Tanami :biggrin:

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  7. Hmm... I haven't bought anything yet! But I am hopefully going to get the Comete Bandeau soon! I was going to buy it last week but my SA told me to wait and enjoy the one I just bought! So that's probably going to be my first purchase in February.
  8. That's so gorgeous, CatOnIce! Congrats!
  9. Artsy MM and Toiletry Pouch 26 just waiting on Mr. Fedex to arrive. :smile:
  10. Ahhh we start the month of with one of my favorite bags :yahoo: I love that bag! Congratulations to you :biggrin:

    Congrats! :smile:
  11. Just ordered the Animania scarf in Violet. Should be here tomorrow. Will post pics asap
  12. Yay! Can't wait to see everyone's purchases!
  13. waiting on my bloomsburry pm that i just ordered.
  14. i'm waiting for my damier neverfull GM :smile: