Come Share Your February 2009 Purchases With Us!!

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  1. The January thread has been amazing, so many beautiful purchases! :nuts:

    I'm looking forward to your February purchases!!
  2. Wow is it February already? I bought some Camellia maryjane jellies. I'll try to get some pics today.
  3. wow! you are efficient!
  4. i wanna see pictures >_<
  5. Way to go, Mon! Feb is gonna be fab, I know it! :choochoo:
  6. Great way to start February, with my very first Chanel! Classic Black Caviar Jumbo with SHW!

  7. ^congrats on your first Chanel!!!

    As for me, I just re-bought the very same Baby Cabas that I sold! :sneaky::blush::P

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  8. here are mine: navy jumbo and a set of earrings.




  9. A great start everyone! :smile:))
  10. Since 2008 was a marathon year in the HG department (!!!), I'm on a self-imposed ban! But I couldnt resist this cute little trinket for my cell phone. The tiny pearls are embedded inside :heart:

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  11. Congrats everyone! great purchases!
  12. Great buys everyone! That navy jumbo is :drool:
  13. Wow, looks like we are off to a great start with February. Great buys ladies.

    Here are my Camellia jellies - sorry the pictures aren't great.

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  14. Sorry for being a cheater... I technically bought this in January, but I haven't been able to post until Feb!

    Presenting my suede mini, red with gold hardware. Purchased on ebay for $395!!!

  15. ^wow! great score!