Come share your 2014 march chanel purchases!!!

  1. It's March already! Noticed the new thread hasn't been started yet. This month I hope to share something. :smile: Looking forward to seeing all the new Spring goodies!
  2. There's another one started by a different poster, but it's written as "Mars" purchases? Hopefully, mods can merge these :biggrin: Looking forward to everyone's March buys.
  3. OMG I'm the one who started that thread. I am from Sweden and in Sweden March is spelled March and I didnt think twice when I posted the thread.. Do you know how one can edit the thread-name?
  4. 1393827675654.jpg
  5. This bag looks so dark and wonderful; congrats on choosing a fabulous bag!
  6. Awww...thank you, tutushopper! :smile:
  7. very nice bag , is it lamb skin ? may I know how much ? thank you in advance .
  8. It is caviar, dubaiyim, and price in USD is $3,700. Thanks! :smile:
  9. How interesting! Happy Mars to you ;)
    I'm not sure how you could edit titles. But I don't think it's an issue now :biggrin:
  10. I love seasonals that have that timeless look. :biggrin: Big congrats!
  11. Boy 01.jpg
  12. Thank You

  13. Omg the fuchsia boy is absolutely gorgeous, martini!!!! If I had the patience to wait for this I would of ordered this . So pretty! Congrats!!!!
  14. Me too, Serrazane! I love that it looks like a classic, but it's lighter and has the handy inner pocket. :smile:
    Thank you, impulsive! :smile:
    Your boy is the first 14S fuchsia I've seen IRL, Martinibeach...and it's absolutely STUNNING! So glad to have met you, my dear fashionista friend! :smile: