Come share my pain!!!

  1. I went to LV today because I was inspired by Couturegirl's cute new diary wallet. I looked at it in Pomme and it was pretty but it only fit the mini agenda refills, which was too small for me.

    They also had the Mirage speedies in both colours. I think they are stunning but not really my style.

    Then I asked to see the Trevi PM, since I haven't seen that IRL yet. I looked at it and it's cute, very structured and not as huge on me as I'd thought. On a whim, I asked the SA if they had any black neo cabby MMs since they were waitlisted the last time I was there. Well, they did.

    I wanted to compare the two to see which one I liked better. I had tried on the neo cabby GM and didn't think much of it, but I didn't want to rule it out until I saw the MM. Well, in person, for me it was no contest - I fell in love with the black neo cabby. There is something so loveable about the way it tucks itself under my arm. The strap drop is perfect - it fits over my shoulder and the shoulder strap looks cute too. It's way too short to fit cross-body but that's fine with me - the GM was too short too.

    Well, I had to buy it, since the SA confirmed that the black was a seasonal colour. The problem is that I promised my bf no more new bags until next year and this is my most expensive bag yet! Now I have to pretend it will be a Christmas present from my parents! Oh, the pain of not being able to use a bag for 3 months! I hope I still love it by then!

    No pics yet, my bf just came home! I will try and take some later this week.
  2. Haha, this made me giggle. Sounds like something I would do.

    Congrats, and good luck keeping it hidden!
  3. Will he even notice it if you were to bring it out now? Funny thing is that I can use a brand new and very pricey bag and my husband doesn't know one from another. If he were to ask about a bag I just say "I've had this forever", or "I got it cheap on eBay":sneaky:
  4. I'd just start carrrying the bag one day and say "Oh this? I bought it last month!" :p
  5. I wish! I have been showing him pics of this bag and he knows exactly how many LV bags I own.
  6. u sound so much like me! but i sell and my collection keeps changing and my bf asks me just about every time i change my LV bags..which is like...a few days.

    i'd love to see ur neo cabby MM!
  7. LOL!!!! exactly I would do the same
    or tell him, but I had it before u never saw it?
  8. that's EXACTLY what i would do! hehe, good luck!
  9. I'm in the same boat...can't use my mirage speedy until Xmas.
  10. that's a good one ... I've actually tried that and it worked ... give it a try ... :yes:
  11. He he he. That was too funny! I have a friend who did the same thing! You poor girl...(but the bag is beautiful, congrats!)
  12. hehe congrats on the neo cabby! I also tried on the MM this past weekend and it is tdf!! I would of got it, but I was already purchasing my neverfull MM that day :sad: .... did your SA say how long they would have the black for?
  13. lol...
    Oh the lengths we go to because we love/are addicted to LV....
  14. Tell him you won it in a Church Truth-telling Contest, two towns over?
  15. Congrats! Sorry to hear that you can't use it yet:push: Maybe some of this:kiss: and :love: will work:graucho: JK