Come share in my happy happy happy news!!!!

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  1. Have you ever had that search for the perfect shoes/coat/dress that has seemed impossible?

    8 years ago or so I fell in LOVE with the jacket the character rory gilmore wore in season one of gilmore girls. It was a red wool coat and I have been searching high and low since then for a similar coat. Until last night!!!! While not identical, its EXACTLY what I wanted and I'm so happy I'm shaking!!!

    And the best part? Its not some high end designer that hurt my wallet!! Its steve madden, deep blood red with a very very tiny black trim and tiered ruffles at the bottom!! Will post a picture as soon as I can get one uploaded!
  2. Yay! I'm glad you found your perfect coat! I can totally relate - I found mine in Las Vegas in December of 2009 - its a black knee-length trapeze coat from Donna Karan :smile:
  3. :yahoo: I love it when that happens. Congrats to you!

    I just found the perfect dress and surprise! DH bought it for me today! Yippeee!!!
  4. That's great!! What dress is it? Is there an online link or a picture?

  5. Aww sorry I don't have a picture, but it's a black corset dress with a pencil skirt. I'm so in love with the way it fits!

    Can't wait to see your pics!
  6. congrats!! pics??
  7. Ooohhh, sounds gorgeous! Congratulations, can't wait to see your pictures!
  8. where did you find gilmore jacket ? online ?
  9. yay!! so excited for you, and can't wait for pictures!
  10. Wow, talk about a long hunt! LOL
  11. Sorry the picture is so bad, my camera is out of comission and my blackberry is all I have. The color is much redder and deeper in real life!

  12. Bluejinx...I am so happy for you that you found what you have been looking for!! That always feels so wonderful! Enjoy it this winter....
  13. [​IMG]

    Winners, steve madden coat - 89.99CAD
  14. It's lovely! Congrats!!
  15. Sorry! Can't get a better picture out of my blackberry.