Come see what the mailman just dropped off!

  1. Since I've discovered Bbags about 2 months ago, I couldn't figure out which style best suit me. I tried the Box (too small), flat messenger (straps are not long enough), and the Twiggy (ok, so far) but look what I just got from Corey @ real deal collection! My gorgeous '05 Dolma City!:tender: I love her! Thanks so much to Corey and her neverending patience for helping me decide once and for all that the City is the best style for me!
  2. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  3. I love that bag!! Congrats!
  4. [​IMG]

    ^^^OMG!!! I want a green b-bag now!!! Yours is beyond beautiful!!! Congrats!!!
  5. your'e gonna love her! congrats on your new obsession!
  6. Corey is wonderful:heart: and i love those pods that she includes with the bags as a gift.:tup: Your bag is gorgeous.:drool: Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. Fabulous! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! I'm thinking this might be what the 2008 "Salvia" will look like, since it has been described as a lighter army green. That pic looks exactly like a beautiful, light army green to me! *excited*
  9. :tup: CONGRATS!!! Is gorgeous!!! Reminds me of green tea :heart:
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats on your Dolma!
  11. LOVEEEEEEEE it! Dolma is such a beautiful green. Easy to wear and so gorgeous!
  12. what a :love: shade of green
  13. Thanks all! Corey was so great...she even took modeling pics of it in the shade and light and I knew I had to have it! I love the color, it's like a moss green with some grey woven in.:girlsigh:Now I have 2 Bbags ('05 Dolma City and '05 Grey Twiggy) and as soon as my bag ban ends, I'm going to search for an Anthra or Ink City....need a blue to add to my growing collection!
  14. Dolma is such a cool colour! Congratulations!
  15. Very pretty! I was wondering who got it! CONGRATS! RDC is great and I'm glad you found something you liked!