Come see what I received in the mail today!!!

  1. cttt.JPG


    When I first saw it online and then in IRL I knew I had to have it. It's so big and it will be perfect for work.
  2. I love that bag and that's my favorite color combo! Congratulations and enjoy it!
  3. Wow, that's one of the bags I want! Except in black. But anyway, congrats!
  4. Oh congratulations! Nice colour combination!
  5. Love the color combo. Enjoy!
  6. So pretty! Congrats!:flowers:
  7. I WANT THAT!!! congrats!
  8. Beautiful!!! Very classy!! I believe that is the one I saw in Sept's Shape as one of the "25 Things you must have in your closet".
  9. congrats...beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing.
  10. LOVE it! The colors are gorgeous! Congrats :smile:
  11. Thanks for posting the photos! Your bag is gorgeous!!
  12. great bag,congrats!:yes:
  13. That's beautiful! Congrats!
  14. Oh, very pretty! I love the colors!
  15. Congrats! I fell in love with that bag too, but college text books costs are keeping me away from my love!