Come see what I got!!!

  1. Hi guys.

    I just wanted to celebrate Christmas with you all:p

    So I bought my self this::yahoo:

  2. Please excuse my messy bed:p


    I got the timeless clutch in satin!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. congrats!! merry christmas!! enjoy
  4. [​IMG]

    Now I have two Chanel clutches... and my timeless clutch addiction has begun>> I've called all the boutiques looking for different colors!!!


  5. Thanks for sharing, the bag is lovely, Congrats!
  6. OMG - they are gorgeous!! Congrats!
  7. wow gorgeous!!
  8. gorgeous - Love it!
  9. oooh beautiful. what a stunning pair they are :smile:

    what a beautiful Christmas gift :smile:
  10. Both of them are gorgeous, congratulations!

    Merry Christmas to you!
  11. congrats that is such a beautiful clucth- love your duo
  12. WooHoo! Congrats!! Love them both, especially the White one! Wish I had somewhere to wear one myself - LOL!!

    Merry Christmas!!
  13. Congrats! just in time to take out her for the Holidays!:yes:
  14. Wow!! Love them both- that white one is gooorgeous!
  15. They are both gorgeous!!! I especially love that white one :nuts:.