Come see what I got!!!!! (photos)

  1. I posted a few polls for what I should do with a diamond ring I just got from my grandmother.

    I was going to go with something very simple but I was talked into this instead.

    Here is the before and after.





  2. Its truly amazing what a different setting can do!!! It was lovely before, its STUNNING now. I love it. Im sure there is alot of love in both rings. Lucky you. Its a win, win.
  3. So beautiful I bet looks better IRL. So meaningful too, I got a necklace from my grandmother too and it's super special to me so I relate.
  4. OMG, i LOVE IT! it's gorgeous!!! i agree with Sunshine. wow, it's amazing! :drool: congrats!!!!
  5. Wow, it looks fabulous. I love the new setting. It was definitely a good choice.
  6. You are very lucky to have such a great Grandmother and such great taste, the ring is absolutely gorgeous:drool::drool::drool:
  7. Wow that's gorgeous! What a great choice. How long did it take to be changed?
  8. love it! what a nice grandma =) maybe you should offer your ring to her so she can wear it with the new setting.
  9. It turned out great! That is a beautiful, big diamond.
  10. absolutely beautiful!
  11. wow that is simply amazing! it is so beautiful!!!
  12. Wow- it is absolutely stunning!!!
  13. Love the new setting. What a beautiful ring.
  14. It is really pretty! I hope you will enjoy it!
  15. looks amazing! Enjoy!