Come see what I got! Oh my smooooshy-ness!

  1. Some of you have read about my store visit yesterday evening and I was waiting for daylight to post pics but what do you know, it's a dark and rainy morning. Lol.

    Nevertheless I'm happy to introduce my new Plomb/Steel SGH FW 07 Day! I never really liked GH - I even traded my (color-wise beloved) ggh vert gazon hobo for another bag - and I never thought much about plomb, although I did like the silvery sheen of it - then BAM when I saw it in person I went just T H U D :wtf::nuts::heart:...:yahoo:

    Here are the pics, more to follow:
    steelday-high-wm.jpg steelday-hang-wm.jpg steelday-hangside-wm.jpg steelday-front-wm.jpg steelday-frontleathersmooshy-wm.jpg
  2. I knew it! LOL. So yummy!!!! I love Steel with SGH :heart::drool:

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool:

    I like the Day the best for GH, and this combo is smokin' hot!!!!!!!:rochard:

  4. Great bag! I can't wait till my first Day arrivesssssss *waitss*
  5. Argh.. All these pics of plomb are making me miss my Plomb Day! That is GORGEOUS!!!
  6. OMG lil sis 'C' south..... :nuts: I'm overwhelmed !! Fantastic choice :tup: the Plomb Day looks GORGEOUS with the SGH :drool:, well done sweety :yes:!
    CONGRATS - hope to see her IRL one day ;)
  7. the leather on your bag is too beautiful!! :heart::yahoo:
  8. absolutely gorgeous!!! :drool: CONGRATS!!

    now i wish i waited for the day instead of getting the hobo last month!!
  9. Congrats, Plomb with SGH is out of this world. Love your new bag, enjoy!!!!
  10. Thank you :heart: I'm trying to post more pics but the last two times I had to login again and again? :confused1:
  11. More:

    Steel against blue, white and black

    With a black 05 First

    Smooshyness lol

    [​IMG]The back

    [​IMG]The bottom

    The color in daylight
  12. STUNNING!!! I love the plomb SGH lil sis has it in the city...the day is so user friendly...just PERFECTION. CONGRATS!!!
  13. A fantastic buy! Congrats and thanks for the lovely pics! ;)
  14. The modeling pics:



  15. And you can guess where I got her... lol!
    Thank you big sis!! :heart: IRL any day! :idea: