Come see what I found at Macy's today!!!!!

  1. Well I went shopping today and I stopped by macy's to just see if they had the Magenta Bleecker and they DID!!!!!

    YAY!! I bought it and they only had 2 there!!

    I also went to Coach and had them look up the brown leather carly (medium) just so I can get an idea of when I need to get this bag, because I love it... and she said there were 11 at JAX:wtf: I hope it doesn't sell out before PCE because that Magenta Bleecker was a little pricey... I realized that it's the only bag I have that I paid full price for!

    Tell me if you think it looks ok on me.. I had my SIL with me at the mall and she HATED this purse.. So I didn't get any good feedback from her:s

    the pics in the bathroom were without the flash and makes this purse look really dark.. and that one with the heart on the face was a REALLY bad angle for me.. LOL!
  2. That's a cute bag!! The size and style are both really great! And it looks awesome on you! Congratulations!!
  3. If your SIL doesn't like it, it's a keeper.:flowers:

    Carlys are awesome. so I hope you can get the one you love!
  4. wow omg i hate u guys *cries* *runs and hangs myself*

    hey!! i can wait til december right? It looks FRICKIN AWESOME!!!! OMGGGGG and the heart was the exact tag i was thinking of adding to mine if i ever get to buy it!!
  5. I forgot to add that I tied on my tattersall ponytail scarf that my wonderful ROAK buddy~~ Coachie_Angie got me :heart:
  6. hey tara do u think u can wear it cross body?
  7. I think it looks great on you!!!! I LOVE the color!!! Congrats and enjoy!

  8. No, not on me at all.. I wish I could!! My SIL got it on cross-body and she is a size 14/16 and has a small chest.. I didn't look great on her that way IMO.. I'm an 18 with a larger chest so it didn't work at all:shame:
  9. Okay! it looks like the strap can adjust.. I seriously want this bag all over again now! darn u!!
  10. Okay, just have to say....
    that bag looks like it is MADE for YOU!!!! :yes: It looks great!!!! Congrats!!! :tup:
  11. We're bag AND charm twins!! I love it on you! It looks fabulous!!! I use my heart luggage charm on mine too!! I moved the hang tag from the zipper pull to the ring where the strap clips on to the bag though! Too much going on for me on that zipper pull!! And I love that scarf on the bag! I'm not a scarf gal but that's super cute!! I may have to consider the tattersal scarf now! Awesome!!!

  12. Moving the hang tag is a great idea! I think I am going to do that! I really want to get some more brass charms.. I never thought I would care to match my charms.. LOL
  13. It looks GREAT on you!! Such a fun color but I could never pull it off. I'm so glad tpf ladies can!
  14. I never thought I'd care either but I find myself more picky about it on this bag than on my others! I have the T charm in brass and I want the L charm next. Those are my initials and just the right colors to look really cute on this bag! Plus I'm thinking they'll have some cute charms come out for Valentine's that may look great on the magenta!! I'm seriously thinking I need that Tattersal pony scarf now too!
  15. Wow that looks so good on you! Def. a keeper! And that tattersall scarf looks adorable on it. :tup: