Come see the white Epi in other styles...

  1. I was bored and photoshopped some items in white Epi!

    It's not an exact match to the actual colour...but kind of close! I must say that the Soufflot and Bucket look really hot in this colour :drool:. Does anyone know if the Bucket will come in white Epi?

    Some pics are better than depends on what the original colour of the bag in the photo was.

    Here, enjoy!

    whitebucket.jpg whitealma.jpg whitejasmin.jpg whitepassy.jpg whiteturenne.jpg
  2. Here are more

    And if only....:sad: if only the Segur PM also came in white...:sad:

    whitepochette.jpg whitesoufflot.jpg whitefrenchpurse.jpg whitesegur.jpg
  3. :O
    that looks beautifull
    :drool: :drool: :drool:
    u think it will be very easy to get dirty and stains over it?
  4. Jasmin.......... :love:
  5. gorgeous! thanks! they look almost silvery!
  6. ohhh!!! thanks Karman!! it looks TDF!
  7. Cute !
  8. Nice
  9. I LOVE the bucket!!!
  10. They do! :lol: Because most of the eLux pics were of black bags, it's so hard to lighten the colour using the program I use...wouldn't it be kinda nice if they are a little silvery IRL though? :love:
  11. Very pretty.
  12. Wow, I might have to get a segur pm.
  13. I spoke with Jenna on 866 (very pleasant conversation again) and there is no Bucket PM :crybaby: :crybaby: These are the only styles available:

    Passy (GM/PM)
    Speedy (25 ONLY)
    Petit Noé
    Turenne (GM/PM)
    new Bowler styles

    Zippy wallet
    French Purse
    Pochette cles
    Pochette accessoires
    ...and three styles of wallet plus a couple of other things, by this time I was too disappointed that the Bucket won't come out. I was SO hoping for a nice shoulder bag! But Passy GM is too big and pricey and I don't need another Soufflot. Not a fan of the Noé drawstring closure. ARGH!
  14. Can you do the Noe? :smile:
  15. The Ségurs won't come in white, that's why I said if only :sad:
    Before getting my black Ségur PM I wanted a white one...but SA said no Sé :sad: