Come see the newest addition to my Bronze Vernis Collection *pics*

  1. Hi all!

    It's no secret I :heart: vernis and am partial to the Bronze.
    I wanted you to see the newest addition to my collection, the Houston.
    She is previously owned, but despite her age, she is pristine. Absolutely beautiful.
    I included pics with some other bronze vernis accessories/ misc accessories I use with my bronze vernis bags.
    The first is with flash and the second is without flash.
    I also included modeling pics.
    Thanks for stopping in......:wlae:
    IMG_0471-1.jpg IMG_0465-1.jpg IMG_0443-1.jpg IMG_0444.JPG IMG_0457-1.jpg
  2. it...congrats!!! you look so beautiful with the bag..
  3. omg the bag is stunning and YOU are stunning! congrats on the fab bag. and omg your room is so girly!
  4. Oh my gosh the bronzes are stunning! Very lovely shades of bronzes. And you're gorgeous modelling them! :graucho:
  5. Yay, congrats, Michelle!!! It's gorgeous and I love it with the Pastilles on it!!! :love:
  6. oooh! its gorgeous! congrats!
  7. great new avatar Rebecca, and thanks for the pics and help with your Houston knowledge!
  8. Picture perfect, Michelle! :yahoo: :heart: :love:
  9. Congrats!! That bag is gorgeous! :smile:
  10. that is a great bronze collection & nice new addition congrats
  11. I :heart: your Bronze collection and you look great wearing it. I think I may need to get some pastilles now. I really like how that looks. Thanks for the pics.
  12. ohh Michelle that colour of vernis is gorgeous..the houston is sooo stunning and elegant....bronze is so classy and stylish...I wish they still had that colour...beautiful!!!!
  13. So beautiful!!! I love bronze vernis and it looks gorgeous on you! You have very nice bronze pieces!! :drool: Love that pastilles on you bag! Congratulations!
  14. thanks! here is the full collection though......

  15. Those are gorgeous.. I love that color.. Congrats to you...