Come See The Lindy in Strapless Mode!

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  1. Many have commented that they wish they could remove the strap on their lindy. Here is my solution - the strapless mode lindy - with the zipper half done or undone and the strap tucked under the flap. This would be great for smaller lindys for evening - so chic!

    And even all buttoned up you can still scootch your hand in there to retrieve that pesky cell phone from the inside wall pocket!

    STRAPLESSLINDY 001_1_1.jpg STRAPLESSLINDY 004_1_1.jpg STRAPLESSLINDY 005_1_1.jpg
  2. Oo:huh:ooo, thanks for the suggestion! This is perfect since I just got my Lindy!
  3. Great idea .. thanks HBird
  4. strapless...:drool:
    modeling pics of your beautiful self with the Lindy please!
  5. Hbird, great idea. At first you scared me and I thought you just cut off your strap! I must tell you that I absolutely love the lindy!
  6. ^someone in the Coach forum cut part of the strap off one of their bags, and I almost had a heart attack.
  7. The lindys are my workhorses day in and day out. The other stuff is for show and tell. And now I am delighted with this strapless mode for evening or whenever. I must get a 30cm - too chic!

    ps - all mine are clemence which is unlined in the lindy and very pliable. I don't know if this would work with the swift leather or croco or evergrain models.
  8. great idea :idea: I'll have to try that with my lindy...thanks! :flowers:
  9. H`Bird, great idea.
    I think the Lindy is a fantastic bag, and hope to have one in my collection one day.
    You are a great enabler :heart:
  10. oh so sexy.
  11. Oh no, now i'm craving a 30cm in something bright and fun! NONONONO my workhorses have turned into prima donnas before my eyes!
  12. Hummingbird, that is a gorgeous bag and a very ingenious solution. By the way, is your Lindy GOLD? Is it PH or GH? It's very lovely.
  13. I see from your avatar it is rose dragee - so must be swift. Let us know how it works with the swift leather.
  14. thank you jasperella. it is gold, pall hw and 34cm. I think with the lindy the color of the hardware does not make too much difference as there isn't much of it or it doesn't show. I use the gold the most.
  15. Oh Hummingbird......This Lindy Is Such A Beauty...She Looks Fabulous "strapless";)