Come see the Kooba I can't stop flirting with!

  1. I have had this for a short while and finally took some pics to share with you! It's my first Kooba and it's instant love!

    Introducing Ms Kooba Paige in dreamy raisin:
    [with the flash]


    [natural light; no flash]

    [modeling pic in bad bathroom light; no flash]

    I bought it as a work tote, and love the way it begs to be loaded up. And it has a ton of pockets for me to put my keys and cell and other stuff on the outside! I owe all my newly found organization to Ms Paige!! And I can't even deny how I love the color. I didn't snap pics of inside, but its a soft and feminine reddish pink suede. LOVE :love:
  2. Aawww! It looks great on you! I also have the Paige in raisin and it's my sturdy workhorse bag. I took it on a trip to Belize in December and it was a marvel of organization. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. :love:
  3. Awww, were Kooba twins! I see me having a long and wonderful relationship with my darling Paige!
  4. Yes, it certainly is a beauty...especially in raisin! I'm glad that it is working so well for you. I bought one a few weeks ago from Saks in black but it was way too large for me so I sent it back last week. I was so in hopes that it would be the perfect bag for me as I really liked it...but it was not meant to be. Enjoy your new Paige!
  5. Great bag! I love the color. congrats!
  6. Beautiful color.!I have a Paige in Bourbon and love it too, it's the perfect size for me. Peggy
  7. Love it!
  8. Congrats KittyBag! Isn't that color beautiful. I have The Jessie in Raisin. At first I wasn't sure of the color but it grew on me big time. It's so rich and warm. I've had my Jessie for maybe 6 months now and I've had no dye transfer or fading at all.
  9. Bourbon sounds delicious, maybe you could post a picture! And I agree the size is perfect!

    Thank you for all the kind comments!
  10. Gorgeous bag! I just love that raisin color!
  11. Thank you! Raisin rocks!
  12. Very pretty! I've been hoping to see this color on sale somewhere. Still waiting...
  13. oooh congrats!! the leather looks very thick and yummy :yes:
  14. that's beautiful. I had thought about buying that one.
  15. Cute!