Come see Poppy Chan :D

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  1. thats sooooo cute!
  2. i love them .................... where did you get them !!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Crystal & db89! Yes I love them soooo much. In fact, I love the pepper t-shirt in the First picture soo much that 3 months later when I ordered the other 3 tshirts I asked if they can locate another one for me because my old one was starting to get worn! I was so lucky that they were able to find me one in my exact size! This is a long-winded answer but I ordered all the Tshirts + Pepper clutch through phone. The goldy wristlet I bought at the store. But you could still find the 3 tshirts online:

    The only one I don't have is Cherry...not sure if I like it yet lol
  4. Love Poppy Chan!! So cute!! CONGRATS!!!
  5. They are adorable!!!
  6. love poppy chan!!! :heart: thanks for sharing
  7. love them! :heart:
  8. Super cute!!! I really like the Universal Case!
  9. cute!
  10. I love all of your items!!

    I love Poppy Chan. It's such a fun line. I am hoping to buy the Pepper Universal Case and Violette makeup bag next. SA told me that there is a new batch of Poppy Chan items being released here in November!! :woohoo:
  11. I adore Poppy Chan. Congrats. :cutesy:
  12. I wonder what kind of Poppy Chan in Nov? This should be interesting...
  13. i love the poppy chan line! OP, can you please tell me how the shirts fit? i want to get one but i don't know which size to order.
  14. Cute!