Come see pics of........Pomme d'Amour goodies!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Well here are my goodies.:yahoo: :yahoo:

    The Vernis Zippy Wallet and the Vernis 4 Key Holder

    This color is absolutely beautiful!!!! It is shimmery and deep.

    The third pic is the color in natural outside light and it is the way it looks in real life.

    I'm so glad I got them I totally love the color!!!
    100_0153.jpg 100_0154.jpg 100_0155.jpg
  2. So pretty! Congrats!!
  3. Congrats, Traci:love:

    Gorgeous red delicious!
  4. :drool: Congrats! Matches your nails!:smile:
  5. Love this color and :heart: the zippy wallet. I have it in the hot pink color and it's the best wallet I've ever had! :yes: Now I NEED something from the new color...thinking it will be the heart! :heart:

    Enjoy your new stuff!
  6. Congrats! they r beautiful. How much was the zippy wallet?
  7. Beautiful wallet - this is the same wallet I hope to get also. I'm on the list :wlae:

    Thank you so much for posting pics, its once again confirmed how much i love this color, and this zippy wallet!!! :love:
  8. beautiful, congrat's.
  9. They're gorgeous Traci! Such a beautiful color!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Wow! They look absolutely yummy! Congrats!
  12. Thanks ladies!!

    Ilovepurse007-- the zippy wallet was $675.
  13. Beautiful... Love the color.. :smile:
  14. Looks great! Congrats!!!
  15. omigod! how killer is that color! im gonig today to go look at them!