Come see - picked them up from the post office today!

  1. I bought them in December 2007 and they finally arrived!

    1. Square box in dark bordeaux (?) from the Vintage Ligne. I gave up this bag when it was first introduced in 2005. Found this forum, saw all the pictures of this bag and then realised that I still like this design a lot and am lucky to find her!

    2. Madamoiselle clutch in coral. I have never seen this colour IRL and so when a tPFer modelled hers -->:wtf: WOW!

    I got both bags from the same eBay seller for a total of $1,750. (There are still some great eBay sellers out there selling authentic bags. :flowers:)

    I know it does not sound like a bargain to some of you but remember, where I come from (UK/HK), good Chanel bags are not easy to find and never get marked down much...

    So I am happy! :yahoo:
    06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 1a.jpg 06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 2a.jpg Madamoiselle Clutch coral 1a.jpg Madamoiselle Clutch coral 2a.jpg Madamoiselle Clutch coral 3a.jpg
    I love that clutch. It's amazing. I want!
    May I ask where you got it from (eBay was it?)?
  3. Congratulations! Both gorgeous and for a great price:yes: Enjoy:yahoo:
  4. OMgosh! I love the clutch! Lucky you!
  5. gorgeous purchases! :heart:
    And not a bad price too for the total ;)
  6. Wow! Gorgeous! COngrats.
  7. :yahoo: Congrats! We are Madamoiselle clutch twins now :graucho: At first i was worry about the color being a bit 'faded', but it's actually easier to find outfit with :yes:
  8. Very beautiful - I'm so happy for you.
    Enjoy :smile:
  9. Are you the girl that also bought the envelope bag together with the clutch from the sale? If so, may I say "thank you" to you cos I think it's you who have inspired me to hunt for this clutch!!! You modelled the clutch better than Vanessa Paradis!!!:tup: I cannot find your thread as the search function is disabled at the mo.......!
  10. Yes, I bought this from ebay. Took the seller and myself ages to complete the sale but the seller has been fantastic. :flowers:
  11. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    i loveeee the vintage ligne line and I am so sad that i missed the opportunity on a gorgeous bowler =(( but CONGRATS to you for being reunited with this beauty!!

    and love the clutch! i have it too, havent used it yet but the color IRL is amazing!
  12. how pretty! [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]




    Lovely purchases! Congrats:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  14. oooh they are both so beautiful. Many congratulations, I love them
  15. Love that coral clutch- congrats!