Come see my vintage exotic beauty!

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  1. Can't believe my eyes when she came. Croc leather is in excellent condition, gold hardware is bright and shiny. Can somebody help me find out from what year she is? It says Made In France inside and I've read that some vintage bags do say that.


    Here she is next to my slate blue box
  2. Couple more pics
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392876078.031472.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392876135.016686.jpg
  3. This is a beautiful bag! :heart: Congrats!
  4. I love it!!!! :loveeyes:
  5. Beautiful bag, it's gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful bag!
  7. Stunning!! It's in such amazing condition! Black & gold is so timeless!

    I recently got a vintage box too! Revealed it the other day here on the forum. Do you mind disclosing where you found her? It's such a treat finding amazing vintage bags right?!
  8. She is a beauty! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! Very pretty.
  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! :love:

    xlana congrats on your vintage treasure find too! I got this one on ebay. I love structured bags like this and happy to find one in this condition.
  11. It looks brand new! I'm sure the fact that it is made out of patent leather helps. Your buckle also looks pristine! Mine has a few pits and scratches on it, so I'm super jealous of the condition of your hardware!

    Again congrats!!
  12. ^ It is actually made of crocodile leather which makes it even more special :hbeat:
  13. Sorry I meant to say it's in a patent finish!

    I also found this article which supports the scans Elliespurse linked to in my thread; the horse and carriage logo was first created in 1966, and then the two back to back C's were used in the 1980's!

  14. Thanks for posting xlana! This is much helpful. So our bags are prob from the 70's then. :happydance: Disco-dancing!
  15. Omgggg both your beautiful boxes are TDF!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!