Come see my TIFFANY Christmas surprise and please HELP ID it

  1. DH went all out and bought me this Platinum stunner with Marquise diamonds and an Aquamarine (looks speckly in the pic but it is clear and stunning)... I think it is from the Victoria line but it is not on the website. :thinking:

    He was told that this was a special Tiffany item and this was the only one available in all of Canada. We plan to go back and get the appraisal sheet as the associate did not provide it (weird). :confused1:

    Any ideas on the name?

  2. All I know it is gorgeous!! congrats!!
  3. Pretty! It does look like something from the Victoria collection although I've never seen it before so it must be new. Usually Tiffany only gives valuation letter for items that are over 10k, unless you have a good relationship with your SA they may charge you for one. For insurance purposes your receipt should suffice.

    I'm thinking that the reason why there is only one in CA is because it's so new that it hasn't rolled out to all of the stores yet. Tiffany doesn't usually make one of a kind pieces unless they are very significant.
  4. that is one gorgeous necklace! great gift!
  5. sorry cant help, just wanted to say that is gorgeous!
  6. Wow, it's absolutely stunning. I'm no help in ID-ing it I'm afraid. :sad:
  7. That's very pretty!
    I want to say that I have seen that piece on the website and in the big Tifffany catalog.
  8. Oh Addy its stunning congrats it looks like you had a great christmas. what a great DH you have, im sorry i cant help you ID it i hope someone can.
  9. I'm not any help either, but it sure is pretty!
  10. Thanks for the info TylerDurden! This is my first Tiffany piece other than the sterling silver necklaces and bracelets so I am a total newbie. :p
  11. Thanks for your nice comments ladies! :heart:
  12. Stunning, congrats, he did well, very well :nuts:
  13. Wow Addy! That is freakin' gorgeous! Hubby did good!

    Modeling pics, please??
  14. I agree w/ Tyler, def. Victoria collection. Gorgeous!!
  15. WOWZA~!
    Thats STUNNING!

    go hubby!LOL!...and can he teach my hubby how to shop???HEHE