come see my starter collection!! i am already so addicted!

  1. :heart:hi girls! i have had my first chanel for a while now ( as a gift from my mom for my 18th birthday ) but i recently found out that i absolutely am in love with Chanel!! i have my other designer handbags as well like balenciaga, chloe, prada, gucci and so on but now i look at nothing but Chanel! In another word i think i became so addicted. so anyways heres my little collection and i am hoping for MORE and MORE to come! hehe:heart:
    *ahem* the first picture is without flash and the second one is with flash.
    1. 05 pink caviar medium
    2. 06 blue fonce caviar east and west
    3. my black caviar east and west
    4. my kind of a pst but not? in orange
    5. 06 coral lambskin east and west ( thank you for a fellow tpfer!!)
    6. kind of vintage (?) baby blue jersey flap with the reissue chain !
    bag new1.jpg bag new 2.jpg
  2. Wow, congrats, you got some pretty ones there...
    And an orange PST? Where did you get that from?? The color just pops at me...
  3. I love that pink flap!!
  4. Ohhh, it's nice to see colorful bags... colorful flaps (well, all flaps haha) are my passion!! :heart: :heart: Needless to say, I LOVE your flaps ... I have that '05 pink as well, it's truly stunning... and the blue fonce is a neutral blue/grey color (mine is a Jumbo). :smile: That orange patent PST is so standout... I'd love a flap in that color!! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing pics... and welcome to the addiction that is Chanel haha! :p
  5. great colors!!!
  6. Wow! Great array of colors there.

    I'm so boring, I only have black Chanel bags and a black Chanel wallet and a white Chanel clutch. :sad: I need to venture more into the colors.
  7. wow you have a great collection! i love the pink flap! such a pretty color..
  8. You have a fabulous collection:drool: Love all the colours:heart:I had to stop myself from reaching out and trying to grab one from my computer screen LOL!
  9. Oooh.... great collection!
  10. wow...I love love your collection...All of it are with SILVER H/W right?
  11. Wow! wonderful! I also want to know how can you get the collection with so many yummy colors?

  12. ohh the colors are such beauties!!
  13. Congrats on your beautiful collection!:yes:Wishing you many more to come hehe!;)
  14. Wow... Love it!!!
  15. wow!GREAT !