Come see my new...

  1. Paddington in Canelle! :yahoo:

    This is my first Chloé ever, it's probably the third I've ever touched so it was like magic to receive her. The color is so soft and versatile and the leather is just :drool: I bought her from a lovely tPFer and I couldn't be happier with the communication and help I received from her :tup:

    First two pics with flash and the third in horrible daylight (it's pretty mych dark outside all the time here now, I'm living in northern europe)



  2. very pretty!!!! congrats!
  3. GORGEOUS! Congratulations.
  4. Oh wow...congrats....
    Canelle in the paddington is sooo different than Canelle in the Quilted bay bag!
  5. Beautiful, congratulations!!
  6. What a pretty and versatile color. A very nice first Paddy. Congratulations wear her with pride.
  7. Gorgeous Paddy. I am so happy for you. Totally beautiful!
  8. Congrats! This is my favorite Chloe bag!!!
  9. Great classic color! I love it!:love:
  10. Nice! She's gorgy! She makes me want to carry my paddy tomorrow!
  11. It's beautiful... congratulations...
  12. Thanks ladies! The color is a bit off in the first two pics, it's more like the third pic - a soft, light chocolate tone. I think I'll have some pics of me wearing it soon...
  13. Congrat's...
  14. love the colour, congrats!
  15. Gorgeous! I'm jealous :drool: Congrats!