Come see my new wallet!

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  1. hi chloe girls!

    i have been wanting this wallet for some time cos i think it's so cute!! and now i finally have it! here is my new paddington wallet in tan colour!
    thanks for letting me share

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  2. congrats!
  3. gorgeous, congrats!
  4. Very cute, Congrats!!!
  5. Very nice, great neutral color - congrats!!
  6. she's sooo purty...
  7. you are right, it is totally cute. :smile:
  8. :tup:
  9. I am loving this cutie and wanting one for myself. The only hesitation - I have about a gazillion credit cards and hate overloading the wallet that I use. Why don't I remove any? Who knows? I am a big nerd. But it is on my list: a very cute mini lock Paddy wallet. How does it hold stuff for you?
  10. Cute cute cute! You know, I want a wallet like that... I think they're called half wallets? I don't like the long type. On diabro, the chloe long wallets are pretty much the same price for half wallets, and balenciaga (the one i'm considering too) the half wallet is two times more expensive than the long one! Is that not ridiculous? Excuse me while I mutter...
  11. i have heaps of cards too, but i find i don't normally use all of them. there are about a couple that i often use and i put them in the 6 compartments, as for the rest i throw them in a bunch in the back slot.
    the leather is divine. simply divine!! the white part (where the notes/card slots are) is sooooo soft, like a baby's bottom!
    i only just bought it so i don't know what it's like in the long run yet... :smile:

  12. the long one looks nice on diabro but it is too chunky for me :shame:
    with this size, i can throw it into the zippered compartments of my bigger bags - which i think means that there's less chance that the wallet will be damaged and scratched around with other things. i can't fit the big size into the zippered compartments. i can't fit the big one into my east/west chanel flap bag and i really cbb switching wallets all the time!
    so this size is good for me

    i know what u mean about the price difference. i was hesitant about which size to buy as well but in the end (due to the above reasons) i went for the half size

  13. so cute~~

    Hope you don't mind, what's the price?
  14. Awe! It's fabulous! I just love Chloe wallets (even tho I dont have one...yet, that is).
  15. I can't really remember... It's around $695 AUD?