Come see my new-to-me Python Karen?

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  1. Thank you! :heart: I am so in love with it! I carried it today. I got it from a local place that is kind of like a cross between a consignment store and an outlet. The owner has a lot of contacts in the fashion industry so he gets fantastic things but usually only one of each thing so it is hit or miss. I always check for MJ and I about died when I saw this!

    I really like the moccasin one too - it has the canvas lining, but the leather is really nice and I love the shape. But this one is just absolutely to die for! My poor moccasin one is going to get neglected. This is my first MJ with the teal leather lining and I absolutely love it. Is he still making any bags with that, or did he stop with the striping line?
  2. wowza!
  3. That really is a beautiful bag.
  4. Gorgeous - I love exotics...modeling pics?
  5. Gorgeous bag! The teal leather lining is a stunning touch.
  6. seeing this bag again makes me very determined: I NEED THIS :smile:
  7. I have never seen the Karen bag before, but that is OMG Gorgeous, I love the pictures. I think it is so unique. Thanks for sharing.:tup:
  8. Absolutely stunning bag. Congrats!
  9. Wow! Now it´s on my list too!! So nice. Does anybody know if the Karen python comes in other colors than black/ smoke? Not that this is no a winning combo!!
    Hope you´ll post some modelling pics.
  10. Wow! Chain or no chain, you've found yourself and eyecatching bag! Congrats its beautiful