Come see my new (to me) French Blue GGH!!

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  1. There was a time when I said I'd never go for the gh (esp gold!) but OMG, I love it! I only have one other bbag, a black early '07 city and I'm amazed at the difference in the leather. THey are both wonderful, but the FB is so much thicker. The black is lot shinier. I :heart: both! Had to show some pics.

    And I want to just say how much I appreciate this forum and everyone who contributes :flowers:

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  2. Great choice! I really like the GGH with this color. The hardware doesn't over-power the bag. Just beautiful! Enjoy.
  3. I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Love love love french blue!
  5. GORGEOUS FB, CONGRATS!!!I am :drool: over your GORGEOUS RH black city also.
  6. Thank you! :girlsigh:
  7. The Blue is soooo beautiful - congrats! :tup:
  8. the blue is TDF! congrats!
  9. gorgeous blue! thanks for sharing and congrats!
  10. It's very pretty, congrats!!

    I read that GH Bbags tend to have leather that's a bit thicker. :yes:
  11. gorgeous! The gold looks really good on your FB!

  12. Very pretty, I love it! Congrats!
  13. I love the French Blue with the GGH!!!! I just got one from Saks, and I am thinking of returning it only because the front side of the bag looks lighter then the back, like it has faded alittle. I loveeee the darker shade on the back, I wish the front was the same!! Yours looks fantastic, congrats!
  14. gorgeous, congrats!
  15. Wowza! The color is gorgeous! Congrats!