Come see my new satchel style in camel leather!

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  1. Apparently this is a new style that's in limited release (at least for now)'s made of camel leather so it's stiffer than chevre or agneau, but I love the texture! Hopefully it will break in nicely and soften up.

    I got it at NM in San Francisco, the SA told me only a handful of stores got it and those that did, only got 1. I must admit the "rarity" factor influenced me...

    This is not the midday because the closure is totally different: it has a full-length zipper and an inner hidden magnet. The top part folds in and the two sides are connected by the magnet, if that makes sense. Also, the tassels are stitched. It holds a ton and fits over my shoulder, though it looks better held in my hand or on my forearm.

    So what do y'all think?? I thought it's a nice alternative to my bright, slouchy Bals....


  2. I LOVE IT!!!! Congrats, it certainly is a gorgeous bag. How is the weight of the bag?

  3. Love Love Love it! Did they have only 1?
  4. Very nice! Congrats!
  5. Oooh! nice.. how much was it?

    Let's see some modeling pics!
  6. Thanks ladies!

    Cal, first I have to say that your avatar is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious! As for the weight of the bag, it's actually quite light :tup:

    kimber, yes the NM store I was in only had 1. Perhaps the Bal boutiques might have them?

    DRSM, it was $1295. I'll take some modeling pics tomorrow, I'm already in my PJs!
  7. Very nice! I'm also wondering about the weight. Is it heavy compared to a City RH?

    Oops, answered the same time I was typing! Thanks!
  8. Oh Cute!!! Love it~!! Modelin pics?
  9. It's lovely! What about some modelling pictures?
  10. I personally like my slouchy Bals, but this style is really cute! The stitched tassels look interesting -- I guess this means they won't split ;)

    How is it in terms of weight? Is the camel leather much heavier? I'm curious as to how this leather will break in, be sure to post pictures when it is!! Congrats on your new bag and thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  11. i love it!! i cant wait to see your modeling pics too.

    does it come in any other colors?
  12. Very classy! :tup: Does it fit over the shoulder or is it handheld? Do you know if they were made in several colors? Wow... Congrats on such a special find!
  13. I love it congrats on the great find!
  14. This is so cute I think! :biggrin:
  15. I think it is cute too!!! CONGRATS!