Come see my new Prada Tessuto Rose Shopping Tote

  1. Just arrived in Taipei for our vacation yesterday and it was raining! DH and I decided to go to Taipei 101, the tallest shopping mall in the world and chock full of amazing shopping!

    Anyways, we stepped into Prada just to browse (I swear)! I didn't really want to buy anything.:hysteric:

    But this tote caught DH's eye. Now DH doesn't like the Prada's satin rosette clutch so I wasn't expecting him to like this purse! Before I knew it, he had already paid for it with a gruff:"Now you can something pretty from Prada to use on our vacation."

    I was so stunned! DH really is so sweet. If you've read some of my previous posts, he was my hero who rescued my poor Miu Miu bow satchel when Saks messed up my order!

    Before I reveal picts, I just want to let all the TPFers know that Taiwan's service staff are amazing. You are greeted instantly upon walking into any store with a gracious smile and impeccable service. I strongly recommend the Grand Hyatt in Taipei because it is within walking distance of the major malls. And all the malls are linked by covered walkways so you won't get wet. Plus, the hotel staff are really nice and attentive.

    Of course, Taipei's shopping isn't just restricted to the malls but 101 is fantastic. If it wasn't for the rain, I would be running around town. I adore Taipei (this is mt 3rd visit) and its people and culture.

    Without further ado, here's my new baby!
    Style: Tessuto Rose Shopping Tote
    Color: Viola
    Price: NT$26,500 (approx:US$883)

    PS: Miu Miu in Taipei 101 just received a brand new shipment of Miu Miu bow satchesl in Mughetto (blush pink).
    prada2.jpg prada1.jpg
  2. Sorry for the bad picts but DH was in a hurry... ;p
  3. Thats beautiful! And love the color! What a nice DH.
  4. Oh that gorgeous!
    I love it - enjoy!
  5. PRETTY!! Your DH is so sweet!

    Does it come in other colors?
  6. she is sooo pretty! congrats! any modeling pics?
  7. Congrats!Hope u r having a fantastic time!
  8. Luv the bag.
  9. That is beautiful! I love Taipei as well. The 101 mall/building is just incredibly architecturally. Enjoy your trip and all of the yummy food!
  10. wowow... nice bag and city...:tup:
  11. That bag is adorable!
  12. It's gorgeous...Congrats!
  13. ooh, she's so puuuurty :yahoo:
  14. I love it! Can anyone tell me whatother colors it comes in?
  15. Congrats- the color is so pretty! And the pleating is great- all around a lovely bag!