Come see my new OVAL!!!

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  1. :yahoo:I'm so excited!:yahoo:

    My black oval arrived today from Barney's! Liz from the Chicago store called around for me, and found me a black one from the Boston. :tup:

    It's much larger than I expected, even though I've seen the modeling pics with ovals, but that's a good thing, cause I carry so much stuff with me anyway. The tassels are also really long, so I think I'll cut them in half, and save the other half for when they split. I love, love, love it, and can't wait to use it!:heart::love:

    Ok, onto the pics!

    The first one is my beautiful oval by herself, the second is with my Blue Glacier Money for size comparison. Then two pics with me. Sorry the color's a bit funny - I had to lighten the pics so you can see the oval better. And the last pic is with all the stuff that was in the oval for the modeling pics: wallet, keys, MP3 player, cell, and my cosmetic bag.

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  2. Fantastic! I hope you love it to death - it's such a great and useful bag!
  3. Congrats on finding your Oval! I love the size. It fits all the essentials. It looks great on you and I really like it in black! :yahoo:
  4. Love it! Now we need to help sell those remaining Ovals around the world! :yahoo::heart:
  5. Congrats:yahoo: Oval clutch is very useful.:yes:
  6. I love it :yahoo:congrats it's really pretty, great modeling pics!!
  7. So cute! Black is good too! Enjoy!
  8. ooh it's very cutee.. it looks like it cud fit a lot of stuff... congrats!
  9. congrats!:tup: oval clutch is soo versatile.
  10. Congrats! :yahoo:It looks beautiful in black. I love the oval clutch! I received mine in ink on monday and haven't put her down since.
  11. Very nice and a unique style!
  12. Congrats on your new oval. I would love to see one IRL.
  13. Thanks everyone! I think I'll convince my bf to go to a restaurant with me this weekend so I can use it! :P
  14. Yep, not that many left! I'll admit, I only started liking the oval after your guide - Balenciaga should totally hire you! :yes:
  15. Very nice, I love Oval! Congrats!