Come see my new Miu Miu bag!

  1. Hello. *waves* I am a newbie here and just want to share with all you lovely ladies my new handbag- Miu Miu Nappa Spring Shopping. :heart: I have been wanting a black bag, and this one is perfect. It got interesting details, is light weight, and it is easy to carry. I especially like how you can wear it across your body. This was the last one in the store, and I usually dislike taking floor displays, but I just had to have it! LOL. I absolutely recommend this bag. Two thumbs up! :yahoo:

    Enough of me talking, now I present my badly-taken pictures. Gosh, I just can't take decent pictures! :sweatdrop:

    With this Miu Miu as the latest member, I finally feel like my collection of hangbags is complete. No more bags this year (hopefully)!
    miu miu 1.JPG miu miu 2-r.JPG miu miu 3 r.JPG
  2. Oh, I love that bag! I tried it yesterday! It looks GREAT on you, too! Enjoy!!!
  3. It looks lovely. Great choice. Hope you enjoy it. I haven't long discovered Miu Miu but their bags are just sensational.
  4. I got that same bag in dark brown!!! It's still en route to me at the moment. Heh. How much didya pay for it?
  5. Hi Meowy!

    The bag look GREAT on you!!! Congratulations! and enjoy!!!!

    How's the leather feel???? I haven't seen this one in real life yet.
  6. Pad, the leather on this is scrumptious! Buttery soft! I think the Miu Miu leather bags are priced great for the leather quality!
  7. Hi! Thanks for all the replies! I have seen the bag in 3 colors: black, dark brown, and camel. It retails for $860. I think the price is not bad for a made in Italy, good-quality leather bag. The leather is absolutely soft, like what Minette said.

    From what the SA told me, there aren't that many of the bags left. I don't even see them online at Saks or NM anymore. This is my first Miu Miu, and I am quite impressed! :heart:
  8. gorgeous!!! i am loving Miu Miu bags more and more with each one I see. Great color as well! It's sure to be a classic!
  9. Beautiful! I got it in brown a few weeks ago, it was my first Miu Miu also.

    I agree that it is a great price for a soft bag made in Italy.
  10. Beautiful bag, it looks great on you. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. It looks great on you- congrats!
  12. Lovely bag, congratulations!
  13. Yay! You're rocking the bag. I just ordered this bag in 2 colors: camel and dark brown. I didn't like the camel color in person, so I returned it. I prefer the bag in darker colors.
  14. congrats!
  15. It looks great on you!!!