Come see my new Mike & Chris...

  1. "jesse" leather jacket :yahoo:!! I just love it and the leather is amazing and so soft :graucho:. I can't wait till the weather starts to cool down here in socal.

    For sizing, I ordered an XS, which I found to be a little tight, but I know it will stretch with some wear. I'm 4'11, 100lbs. The jacket is fully lined with a removable hood.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. That's HOT! I love it! The leather looks so buttery soft. Wear it in good health.
  3. :wtf::drool::nuts: Me likey, where did you find one in an XS!!?? I've been looking everywhere and they're either completely sold out of their jacket's or only have them in medium & large.

    The leather is TDF and the jacket looks amazing on you, congrats.
  4. It's gorgeous!!!!
  5. Love Mike and Chris, and that looks great on you!

    P.S. I'm also waiting for SoCal to cool down so I can wear my cute jackets too!
  6. I love these jackets, I keep lusting over them at Holts, but being a student *so out of reach*, lol, thanks for posting pics tho! I can dream right?
  7. Oooh, that looks nice and soft.
    It looks fab on you.
  8. oo its lovely!!
  9. thithi thank you:smile:.

    havanese_pls I found it online, I can't remember what site, I'll have to go and look for the receipt, but when I saw the XS I immediately ordered it because I had been searching long and hard for this style and size. I was at Barney's CO-OP at the grove a couple weeks ago and they had the "hugh" in XS in black and brown.

    sheanabelle thanks, I just love it.

    pippop thanks! My co-workers think I'm crazy for saying it but I'm getting tired of this hot weather. I have a couple jackets and coats that I'm just dying to wear and this is one of them ;).

    ClickFive believe me I saved up long and hard for this baby, but the saving and waiting made it that much more gratifying when I finally bought it. Don't worry you will get one soon enough.

    lv-lover thanks!

    slowlyfading isn't it, I'll definitely be wearing it A LOT this winter :yahoo:.
  10. amazing!
  11. I love it! The leather looks so soft....
  12. Keane Fan and ChiChi143 thank you!
  13. I absolutely love it!!! I was debating whether or not to buy it in an XS, because I'm about 84 lbs. and most jackets are too big for me. If you're only 100 lbs and you think it's tight on you, then maybe I have a chance!!

    BTW, I bought a cream M&C Lincoln in a size small last Thurs. for $85 at the sample sale and it's too big for me =( If anybody's interested, please PM me. It retails for $195 on :huh: Here's a picture of it in black--
  14. very cool, i like it a lot!
  15. WOW! Congrats! The leather looks so buttery!